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Audiobook and Book Reviews by Audiothing

Calaway Jones - Review dated Aug 9, 2017

Narrated by Tom Lennon, who yet again makes Harry and the team come alive. Each time I listen to a new Harry Starke book I am reminded yet again of how lucky we are that someone chose Tom to narrate this series.


Harry Starke - Review dated Mar 4, 2016

Tom Lennon delivered the narration with a Southern flair suitable for the setting of the book. He was able to do the female voices without sounding shrill or silly, which was great. His delivery was smooth and confident and suited the first person narrative of the male protagonist well. 

Audible Listener Comments

Louisiana Wind



"Great stories about life as a cowboy"

I have listened twice already. It is a great book and the narrator has that kind of voice that makes him a great story teller.

The Gold Dragon Caper - Review dated Sep 3, 2018

The audio edition of this book is performed by Tom Lennon. Lennon’s voice seems perfectly suited to the role of Damien Dickens, and he has come to embody the private investigator. Using good expressions, Lennon makes the book all the more enjoyable to listen to.


In1ear (John Row) 


"He is blessed with a sense of believable enthusiasm that comes across in his readings. "

by Bec/The Audiothing

Harry Stark, Boxed Set #1 - Review dated April 10, 2017

I don't know who chose Tom Lennon to play Harry, but they could not have made a better choice. I can't fault him, the pace and rhythm were spot on and he has one of those voices and way of speaking that could convince you of anything. He certainly has mastered the art of nuance, with just the subtlest change in speech Harry goes from friendly guy to your worst enemy, and it's this smallest change of delivery that creates such authenticity. Fabulous narration, Tom Lennon aced this high quality production.

Fighting the Cold War

Kingsley,Henley Brook


"It makes the whole thing easy listening,..."


Tom Lennon has a very laid back style without falling into a monotone or boring voice. It makes the whole thing easy listening, giving the book a feel of calm recollections. It is possible that Lennon’s reading style added to the matter-of-fact impression the book gave me. I found his to be a good match for this book.


Dark Visions


"Brilliant a 5* listen/read"

Tom Lennons narration adds to the tension and makes it impossible to put down. 

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